Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sorry for the L-O-N-G absence!! I'm back!

Since last May, I have started a BWB facebook page.  That seems to be the best way to contact people, but I want to get back to writing!  I really don't get too much feedback on my page, but I hope some of the topics make some people think.  I have gotten a few birth stories.  One thing that continues to dominate my thinking is the fact that bleeds are caused by interventions!!  My husband and I want to have more children.  We did have an awesome birth with Malakai at the hospital, but the newborn care protocols are not very hemophilia safe.  For example:  if he'd had hemophilia, the heel prick would've probably caused a bleed.  We were able to get oral vitamin K, though.  That was very good since they wouldn't let us refuse it.  If we could be guaranteed that our baby would not be handled roughly or be poked, I would definitely have another hospital water birth, and consider that our best choice.  Until I can have that guaranteed, I still have my doubts.  #5 is not on his/her way yet, but if we get any exiting news, you are welcome to join us in planning for another bubble wrapped birth!  ;o)


  1. Dear Sarah,
    I am a symptomatic carrier of hemophilia A. I'm pregnant with a son. I was wondering if you would e-mail me so I could ask you some questions and get some information.

  2. Jeanette, I am doing a terrible job keeping up with my blog. I am on my facebook page everyday. Could you email me (I can't find your email for some reason) or like my page on facebook? My email is just4sarah98@yahoo.com My fb page is called "Bubble Wrapped Birth: How to Safely Birth a Hemophiliac". I am so very sorry for not seeing your post until today. Please contact me asap!!


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