Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Special Prophy for Nursing Class

Eli's reward for being so brave
Today, Eli let Matt give him prophy in front of his nursing class (37 students + 1 teacher).  When Matt first asked him if he'd like to do that, Eli was very excited!  He was excited this morning before we went.  Then, when we got there, we discovered that we forgot the numbing cream.  We finally got him to agree to do it for a special surprise afterwards.  Then he saw how many people were in the class and hid in the next room while Matt was setting up.  He didn't realize there would be so many people watching. He got pretty uneasy, and wanted to go home.  He hid behind me when we came in the room.  Isaiah was right by his side the whole time, encouraging him and being a brother.  When it was time, I sat him up on the desk.  He was still uneasy and wanted to leave, but he sat still.  The class was so sweet.  They did all they could to make him more comfortable.  They gave him candy, were calm and encouraging to him.  It worked.  :)  He stuck his chest out and Matt rubbed on the chloroprep.  Then, he kept his chest big and turned his head to the side to be sure not to breathe on it.  He kept his chest big when Matt put the needle in.  He is used to numbing cream.  One of the students asked him if it hurt, and he nodded yes, but stayed focused and still.  Matt explained each step, talked about hemophilia, and emphasized the importance of sterility during the treatment.  I was able to say a few things too.  Eli didn't want to say anything, but he was free to speak if he'd wanted to speak.  I was encouraged that one student asked if they should wear a mask to access ports.  After the teacher answered her question, I told her that any effort made by a nurse to keep a port safe from infection means the world to parents.  A mask, extra alcohol swabs, careful sterile/clean technique earns a lot of respect in the eyes of parents, not to mention the obvious benefit of protecting the patient from port infection.

After Matt de-accessed and I was holding pressure with the gauze,  many in the class came up to thank Eli and compliment him on how well he did.  One girl even gave him some money!

I am very grateful that we had the opportunity to share prophy and our knowledge and experience with ports with the nursing class today.  They were very grateful to us too.  I am so proud of Eli for being so brave even when he was a little uneasy at first and had to be accessed without numbing cream.  I think he helped a room full of nurses be better nurses.


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