Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silas and His Placenta (September 27, 2011)

Matt took these beautiful pictures after he got home from running the cord blood to the lab.  We were in the herb bath, and it was at least 2 or 3 hours after the birth.  

Our hematologist was worried that he may have received too much blood.  So, the next morning we took him in for a head ultrasound.  He slept through it and the results were normal.  One great thing about physiological cord clamping as opposed to delayed cord clamping is that the baby doesn't just receive more blood, he/she receives the perfect amount of blood.  See, the cord gives and takes.  The process is designed to regulate the perfect amount of blood for the baby.  So, the baby may actually get a little less blood if you wait longer.  It doesn't clamp off until the baby has all the blood he/she was intended to have, not any more and not any less.  

We did learn some things about physiological cord clamping with a hemophiliac.  After the cord is emptied of blood, the cord naturally clamps itself with the Wharton's Jelly that is produced in the cord.  This usually happens within hours of birth.  We waited until that evening to cut the cord (about 8 hours).  After a while, it ended up filling with blood again and oozing.  So, we had to clamp it off.  Next time, we will wait a full 24 hours before cutting the cord.  This will make sure the cord is well sealed within itself.  

Silas is so healthy and strong and smart.  He is almost 10 months now.  I would definitely do this again.  I love my baby getting the perfect amount of blood meant for them.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures and share them.  I wanted to get these out there because so many people don't get to see the beauty of a baby still connected to their original life support hours after their birth. 


  1. Awesome, just completely breathtaking.

    I don't know enough about physiological cord clamping vs delayed cord clamping and lotus births. Would you have time to explain more?

    Thanks so much for being willing to share these pictures. You're right, I adore this post. :D

  2. Fascinating and beautiful. Who is the Hemophiliac? You mentioned it but I was not sure if it was you or your gorgeous little boy. Very interesting article, thank you.

  3. Thanks, Wildheartmuse! Silas has severe hemophilia A. During pregnancy, we knew he had a 50% chance of having it because I carry the gene. We were able to get his cord blood tested, and that told us that he had hemophilia.

  4. Wow....thanks for sharing. I have never seen a child still attached. All my children were born C-section so I never even seen them attached to thier umbilical cord. Wow 2-3 hours after in the tub together...what great bonding time.

    1. Thanks, Lovee. I am glad you enjoyed these pics. I am quite fond of them myself. <3 I checked out your blog, by the way. I love it! I can't believe I'm the first follower!? Your blog is great! I can't wait to read more and learn from you.


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