Monday, November 21, 2011

A Simple Guide to "Bubble Wrapping" Your Birth:

We put bubble wrap around things that are special to us:  special Christmas decorations, fine china, crystal, figurines, and other treasures.  There is nothing more special than finding out you are carrying a new life inside your body.  You don't want anything to harm your most precious treasure of all: your baby.  "Bubble Wrapped Birth" means a birth planned with care to keep your baby safe through the birth process. 

But, how? 
Here are six key points to planning your own bubble wrapped birth:

1.  Be healthy. Making healthy choices and having a healthy diet is the foundation for a safe birth. This link is a good place to start.

2.  Know your body.  Understand your unique health facts:  birth history, factor level, bleeding history, etc.

3.  Know your baby.  Study fetal development.  Understand the impact that prenatal health, gestational weeks, and birth choices make on your baby.

4.  Understand birth.  Research the natural birth process, what things hinder the process, how to work with your body, how to safely deal with labor pains, and when interventions are truly necessary. Click here for an excellent resource to get you started!!

5.  Know your options in your area.  Is there a birth center available to you?  What options are offered at your local hospital:  midwives, water birth, doulas, competent NICU, etc.?  Are there good home birth options with competent care and medical backup such as support from your HTC with cord blood testing, etc.?  What policies will you have to work with at each birthing location?

6.  If you are unsatisfied with the options in your area, work to change them!!

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  1. Excellent info!!! Hope it helps someone with their choices.


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