Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our Sixth Birth - Evangeline Daisy Part 1: The Pink Sweater Set STRIKE!

The PSS Strike Begins!
Oh my goodness.  I thought she would never come.  I thought maybe my body forgot what to do this time.  She was taking --s-o- -l-o-n-g--!!  I assumed she would be born early.  Last 2 babies were 2 days before their EDDs. This was my sixth birth.  Surely that meant I'd have her between 39 and 40 weeks!

My sweet Mama with Ana

39 weeks came and went.

40 weeks came and went.

My best birthie friend made a special trip to see me.  She encouraged me, made me take a hot shower, massaged my feet and calves (OUCH!!).  That's what would make her come, right?!

Grama and Silas were buddies. They are discussing
their chocolate milk he

My mom and "Grama" (97.5 years old at the time and came very close to passing away just a couple weeks before) traveled down from Michigan to be here for me.  Surely that's all I needed.  She'll come now!


Matt starts school on Monday!  Surely she'll be born by then!


Still great with child, I sent Matt off to school on Monday morning.

41 weeks came and went. It was then when my Grama began her Pink Sweater Set Strike.  She decided that she would wear her pink sweater set to let the baby know it was okay to come now.  She refused to wear anything else.  My mom had to wash it at night and have it ready for her in the morning on Wednesday. . .

and Thursday. . .

and Friday. . .

and Saturday.
 I got to go the The Renaissance Festival that Saturday.  That was an unexpected surprise.  My mom and my pink-sweater-set-wearing Grama sent us off to the faire. I got to hang out with my gypsies, and I got the most gorgeous henna you'll ever see from my friend and favorite gypsy of all: Raven (Fox Moon Henna).

I just needed some belly henna therapy.  I'll have her tomorrow, right???


While Mom and Grama (you guessed it, in her pink sweater set) stayed home; Matt, the kids, and I went to church 2 days before I would hit 42 weeks.  I had accepted the fact that I would be pregnant F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Then, the next day. . .

And my Grama's pink sweatered arms were finally filled with her little namesake, Evangeline Daisy:

(Details in next post!)

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  1. Your blog is WONDERFUL and I hope you won't mind a guy leaving a comment.All of these pics are GREAT,but I must confess that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to look at big round beautiful pregnant bellies so this pic of the hennaed pregnant belly is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!


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