Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back Labor

So, today we were talking about back labor on facebook.  Well, it didn't start out about back labor.  I started by making this statement: 

"The worst position to give birth is lying on your back. This position reduces the size of the pelvis by up to 30%! This is especially dangerous for babies with hemophilia since that would threaten the use of vacuum or forceps if the baby appeared to be stuck, and those interventions are the leading cause of headbleeds for newborns with hemophilia. Get off your backs, ladies!"

One mom commented that she strongly disagreed, and said that she had suffered terrible back labor for all 4 of her births, and the only position that worked for her was on her back, pulling her feet up (in a frog position).  She said that pulling her legs up also allowed her tailbone to move.  I asked my BWB fb page readers if any of them had a similar experience with back labor.  One mom agreed and said that this position was also the only one that worked for her.  However, it seems that it only worked for the pain because her baby got stuck, and they used a vacuum on her. 

So, my question is:  What is the safest way to deal with back labor?  I've never had back labor, but I want to know what I could do if I ever were dealing with the pain of back labor.  Another mom commented and said that her husband pushed his fists into her lower back as hard as he could for counter pressure while she squatted or leaned forward.  To me, that seems like the ideal choice.   Although, it may not be feasable for all back laborers, it is currently my plan A if I were ever in that situation.


  1. I was in back labor for 4 and a half days; it was hell. As the labor progresses the pain intensity increases in exponential numbers.

    It ruined the initial bond between my son and I, I was so tired and in such serious pain...I just wanted to be done.

  2. I had back labor with both my boys. I don't remember anything helping. I sat on the toilet a lot, but obviously I could not stay there! Unfortunately they were both hospital births and I didn't really find relief for the pain until I gave birth to the baby! Maybe you won't have back labor since you've already had 4 and not experienced it. I used a birthing ball with my 3rd baby and did squats and I don't remember having back labor with that one. :)


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