Sunday, August 14, 2011

33 1/2 weeks and planning a HOME birth!! :o)

The last time I wrote, I was unsure where we were going to be, or what kind of birth we would be planning for Silas.  We are now in IL.  We have hired a licensed midwife from out of state to attend our home birth.  We had this midwife for our firstborn, and love her very much.  She gives excellent care, and is extremely competent in handling emergency situations.  We have also hired a doula to attend.  This doula has nursing training and is a hemophilia mom herself.  We live 2 minutes away from the hospital, and we have a new hemotologist who has accepted and run cord blood from home births in the near past.  We are officially meeting with him in a few days, and do not anticipate an issue. 

I am so excited about this birth!!  Matt and I will be ordering the birthing pool and supplies this week.  My mom and Grandma plan on coming down for the birth.  All 4 of our children will be able to be there too.  Although, Isaiah, our oldest (7yrs), plans on playing video games through the whole thing!  ;o)  I love that we are receiving such excellent care.  I love that another hemophilia mom will be there too, and that she is a nurse.  I love that we can still get his cord blood tested from a home birth, and I love that we are so close to the hospital in case of any emergency. 

God has worked this out incredibly.  We are looking forward to another beautiful birth.  I want to live post/blog Silas's birth when the time comes if I can work it out.  All the pics posted will be "G" rated as I am not comfortable posting graphic pics of myself on the internet.  I would love for you all to be "with me" through our special day!

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