Monday, January 9, 2012

First "Bleed"

Malakai and Ana (after his repaired haircut!)
Christmas is over.  New Years was awesome.  We are about to start the chaos of Matt starting nursing school next week.  I have a really good plan for our home school.  The house is clean.  Eli gave Malakai a haircut this weekend, and Silas had his first "bleed".  Well, not a BLEED bleed.

I was nursing him and saw a speck in his ear.  I thought it was a speck of pepper.  I rubbed it out, and switched him to the other side.  When he was finished nursing and I picked him up, my arm and the side of his head were bloody.  I calmly called Matt and asked him to bring me some gauze.  We have plenty on hand thanks to prophy supplies.  That tiny little spot wouldn't stop bleeding for maybe an hour.  It was not excessive.  It just wouldn't stop.  "Come on, platelet plug!  Do your thing!!" I said.  Well, of course it did stop.  It wasn't a surprise.  We know he has severe hemophilia, but it is real now, not just a diagnosis from a cord blood sample.  We have SEEN hemophilia in him now.
Silas with "his" snowman pancake

Like I said, it wasn't a real bleed, nothing that deserved factor or anything, but still, it is not nice to see your baby's face messy with blood.  Not even if you know it is "normal" for him.  After everything settled down, I was sad and let some tears come to my eyes.

Here we go. . . 


  1. Aw hun, you brought tears to my eyes reading this. I wish I had something to share but all I can do is send you a big bubble wrapped bubble of love. xxx

  2. A part of our "mom heart" reaches for the best for our children. I'm so glad you, Matt& the other children are calm & ready for what God has trusted your precious family with. I love you all. I too was hoping this day could be forever delayed. This was not to be, but your family is ready to care for Silas in a careful & loving way. My heart is with you! Love the pictures & the special gift you have of encouraging others even while your heart is heavy. Enjoy your little ones, one day at a time. Love, Mom

  3. I love what your Mom said. My heart is with you, too. Love, Lillie


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