Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Prophy Day with the Reeves Family

Today, Isaiah worked very hard photographing prophy to help me with this post.  I am very pleased to invite you into our home, and share our prophy routines with you.

Isaiah Reeves, photographer
"Time for prophy!" I call out to the troop.  Everyone scrambles to get their prophy treat from the prophy treat jar.  They are only allowed one prophy treat, and only on prophy days.  Here's Ana offering you a prophy treat.  Everyone gets one, hemo or not.  We're all in this together.  As you'll see in this post, we all have a part to play.  Prophy is a family event.
When everyone gets their treat, it's time to get started.  We keep our stock of prophy supplies in the big bookcase you can see on the left.  There's even excess supplies in the bottom cupboards.  I just forgot to open them up for the picture.  We used to keep the factor in a little fridge.  Well, the fridge broke, and it was soon after that they told us that the factor didn't need to be refrigerated anymore.  So, now, we organize the different unit amounts in the drawer in the bookcase.  Here's Malakai showing you the factor in the picture below:
We also have a "prophy cabinet" (shown below). This is where all the action happens.  There is a little of almost every supply in the drawers of the cabinet, and we set up right on top.  It's on wheels too which is VERY convenient.
Before I set up, the hemo boys get their numbing cream on their port sites.  Eli hammed it up for these pics!

After the cream is on, I let Eli choose what he wants to watch for prophy.  When Silas develops an opinion on this, he will get to choose too.  Today, he wanted to watch The Aristocats.  Usually, it's a show, not a movie, but it was fine for today.  Then, it's time to set up.  I won't go into all the detail of each and every step that is involved with this, I'll just show you the finished product.  Here's what the setup looks like for Eli's prophy (below).  The only difference with Silas's setup is the heparin.  Eli uses the yellow.  Silas uses the blue.

We're all set up, the cream is set, and movie is on.  Now, it's time to treat.  Eli goes first.  I take off his shirt, peel off the tagaderm, and wipe off the cream with a gauze pad.  Then, I clean his port site with chloroprep.  He knows to make sure no one touches or breathes on his port while I go wash my hands and put my sterile gloves on.  If anything makes him concerned about his port's sterility, I clean it with another chloroprep.  This has happened a couple times.  When I come back gloved, his port is dry and ready to be accessed.  As you can see in the picture below, he is completely numb and busy watching The Aristocats while I accessed him.
We call the pull back of blood the "little red snake".  Sometimes, the kids (Eli included) call "Come out come out, little red snake!".  Then, Eli tells him to "go back home!".  You can see little red snake in the next pic:
When prophy is over, it's time to snuggle.  Hemos need to hold pressure with gauze on the site a little longer than non-hemos.
After at least 5 minutes, we check to see if there is no more bleeding.  Then, a little band aid over his port means Eli is all done!  Well, after he helps clean up the prophy garbage.  ;)
Eli is done.  Now, it's time to set up for Silas.  After each setup, I take the stickers off of the factor bottles and stick them on the calendar, and now include color coded initials.  There's today's treatment (Well, yesterdays, now) on the 9th:
"OK, Silas.  Your turn now, buddy!"  I put him in his bouncy chair, and Ana gently holds his hands to keep him from touching or grabbing things he shouldn't.  After his cream is wiped off, I wash my hands.  I get my sterile gloves on, and then clean him with chloroprep.  I can't trust it to stay sterile while I'm gone like with Eli.  I give it a bit to dry, access his port with the huber needle, and administer his treatment.  < Thank you, Lord, for that numbing cream! >
When he's all done and deaccessed, it's his snuggle time with Mommy!  Ana did a great job!  Silas's snuggle time is a little less relaxing than Eli's because he just wants to nurse.  YOU try holding a baby while holding pressure on his port, and nursing at the same time!  I've done it.  It's not easy, but it can be done!  However, I opted not to today.  I really could use more than 2 arms!
(The towel on my head is to protect prophy from my hair. It works very well.)
Now, our prophy day is complete!!  Thanks for joining us today!  


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I've been there for prophy day and you and family have captured it beautifully! This is a great teaching tool and will empower another family, I am sure! Now go have a sweet day with all God's little blessings He has given you & Matt! Love, Bobby

  2. Having visited with you on prophy days (when you lived in the neghborhood), I am weary thinking of that task doubled. But it sure sounds like you are doing well with it. And "way to go, Anna" for being such a helpful, gentle big sister to assist with Silas' treatment.

    1. Thanks, Janice! Prophy x 2 isn't as hard as I thought it would be. :o)

  3. This is great, Sarah! :) It gives everyone a chance to see what you and Matt do every week. Love the treat jar idea too! The Hemo buddies both hammed it up for the pics. :P

  4. Great post Sarah. I think it really shows new Moms that are worried about doing prophy treatment that the kids will adjust and it becomes just part of Your family is very cute. Keep up the great job.

    1. Thanks so much, Lovee! I hope we can be an encouragement to other families. I'm so thankful that you and I crossed paths here. :o)


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