Saturday, February 9, 2013


Often times, the scary stories get the spotlight, and understandably so.  However, I think it is very important, especially to new hemo parents, to highlight the good stories too.

Today, I was (am) terribly heartbroken for another's grief.  In my heartache, I look at Silas, who had fresh blood smeared on his face.  "Uh oh, buddy.  Come on." I said as I scooped him up and prepared his 2mls of Amicar.  He took it without any struggle.  I cleaned off his face.  The bleeding was from under his front lip, and the Amicar immediately went to work and got it under control.  Silas got down and continued to play.

A couple hours later, Eli was standing on the highchair to reach something.  He fell behind the chair, twisting his body, and hitting the floor hard.  I jumped up, scooped him up, and carried him to my bed.  Ana got the computer to start a show for him, and a bag of frozen carrots for his ankle (frozen veggies work better than ice packs!).  I put his cream on his port, and set up his factor treatment right there in my room (it really helps to have a wheelie cart).    I gave him his factor, and he's fine.

Both of these situations were quickly and easily handled because we had the tools necessary to handle them.  I couldn't be more thankful.  I am so thankful for factor.  I am so thankful for amicar.  I am so thankful for the bookcase full of medical supplies in the dining room.  I am so thankful for the excellent training we received in CA by our first nurse, Richard McGaffic.  I am so thankful that our boys have never had inhibitors, and that if they ever did, there is treatment.

Let's hold each other up through the inevitable hardships that come, but let's always take the time to count our blessings.  

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