Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chicken Soup to Make You Feel Better

The first step we can do to have a safe birth is taking good care of ourselves during pregnancy.  Sometimes, no matter how healthy we live, we get sick!  When my family gets sick, I make this Chicken soup.  Even the aroma in the air while it's cooking makes me feel better!

INGREDIENTS  (These change with every pot of Chicken Soup I make.):

1 whole chicken

water (just enough to cover chicken in pot)

Carrots (sliced)

Potatoes (cubed)

Yellow Onions (chopped)

Green Onions (snipped)

Whole Head of Garlic (remove cloves from skin and chop with food chopper)

Celery (including leafy part) cut 1/2 inch thick

Kale (snipped)

Spinach (snipped)

Fresh Herbs:
-Oregano (snip leaves)
-Rosemary (leaves)
-Basil (snip leaves)
-Thyme (leaves)
-Parsley (snipped)

2 or 3 boxes of chicken broth (no msg, only good ingredients) *never add water, only add broth!!

Salt (if needed, to taste)

Coarse Pepper


Boil the Chicken until it starts to fall apart. Remove bones and skin from meat. Personally, I don't use the guts and neck in the bag farther than letting them help flavor the broth.) Get as much fat off the top of the broth as possible. Strain broth, and put back in pot. Cut up Chicken, and add to broth. Add remaining ingredients to taste, and let it cook on low heat for a long time. The whole house will smell sooo good!!

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