Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're having a boy!

I am now 17 weeks pregnant.  Yesterday, my husband and I went to our ultrasound appointment and found out that our baby is a boy!  So, that makes 4 boys and 1 girl now for our family.  We were shocked silly.  Yes, of course we weren't truly shocked, but we did laugh a lot!  Another boy?!!  So much for having a break with birth planning, right?!  No, we are very happy about our little guy.  He even has a name:  Silas Martin Reeves.  He is a sweetie, about 6 ounces, and quite a wiggle worm.  We absolutely love him!! 

So, now for planning Silas' bubble wrapped birth. . .

We are hoping to move to MI in a couple months.  By then, I will be about 6 months along.  I spoke to our midwife there, and she gave me the name of a CNM who works in a birthing center there.  I will speak to her today.  The big hospital connected to Children's Hospital of Michigan says they offer water birth with midwives as well.  This hospital also happens to be one of the best in the country for hemophilia.  I will definitely be looking into that! 

The problem with homebirth is getting the cord blood tested.  Our midwife can draw it, and Matt could run it to a hospital lab to be tested, but they can't accept it without a prescription.  We would have to find someone who would write a prescription for us, and a 24 hour lab that would accept it from my husband/midwife. 

What we are looking for in a birth is:
  • a totally hands-off approach
  • water birth
  • cord blood testing
  • gentle baby care afterwards (ZERO separation, no heel prick, no vit k injection, etc.)
Obviously, if we could work out the cord blood testing, homebirth would be great.  If not, we have to find the most gentle hospital/birth center situation.  Getting the cord blood tested is very important because if we don't get it done, then we have to take our newborn in for a blood draw.  That is miserable torture for a baby, as any hemo parent knows! 

It will all work out.  I will not fear.  Although, I know I will have my moments. 

~Silas, we will make the safest birth for you, sweetie.  We love you so much!~

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  1. I'm sure there are a lot of details, but I can imagine you will handle it with such Faith and grace.


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