Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Hemos are Little Stinkers Too!!

I am dying to get Silas's birth story written and video edited, but until then, here's a funny little story that happened this week:

A couple days ago, the kids were playing in the backyard.  Eli tripped and fell.  He got a little scrape that didn't even bleed, and I cleaned it up and bandaged it.  Then, I put him down to go back outside.  He wouldn't stand on that leg.  He was having a knee bleed.  So, I set up and gave him some factor, and his older brother and sister (Isaiah and Ana) made him a little bed on the couch and got a movie playing for him.  That night, I made a little bed for him on my floor so he would stay off of his knee during the night.

Eli and his new baby brother, Silas
Yesterday, I was still keeping him off of it.  As all of you with hemophilia in the family know, this gets pretty boring very quickly for a little guy!  Last night, I put him up on my bed while I was taking care of the other kids.  I said, "You can stay here, and when it's time for bed, I'll tuck you in (in the little bed on my floor)."  "Ok!" he said with a smile. 

After a short while, I went back to check on him.  He and his little brother, Malakai were jumping and dancing all over the bed!  Eli was watching himself in the mirror and singing, "You have to stay off your knee.  Off your knee.  Off your knee!"  As soon as he saw me, he dropped to the bed.  I could not say a word.  I just looked at him (who was looking at me with a very guilty face), and walked back to the living room.  I told my mom what happened and we both just cracked up! 

This morning at breakfast, I told the kids what he did, and everybody laughed.  Little stinker!!! 


  1. He sounds like a normal 3 year old.... Mary

  2. I love it! Too cute!


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