Friday, October 28, 2011

You may be wondering. . .

Silas - 1 month old
My sister, Julie, called me yesterday and wanted to know what would be happening with Silas now that we know he has hemophilia.  She asked some really good questions, and I thought some of you may be wondering about some things too. 

Q:  Is Silas getting bruises or bleeds yet?
A:  No.  Silas has no bruises.  Some of you may remember that Eli didn't get any bruises until those 2 hematomas showed up when he was 4 months old.  It is normal for hemophiliacs to have bruises (most always hematomas) all over just from normal life when they get more mobile.  These "superficial" bleeds do not need to be treated with factor, but bruising on a joint needs to be watched carefully as it may go into the joint. 

Q:  Is there ever any difference in severity levels?
A:  There are different levels of severity between hemophiliacs, but not within the same family.  My gene mutation is called 22 inversion.  That gene mutation is always severe hemophilia A.  Ana is a carrier like I am.  She bruises more easily, but she and I have another X that makes up for the hemo X.  Eli and Silas do not have another X.  So, they have severe hemophilia A, which means their bodies make <1% of clotting factor 8. 

Q:  When will he need to get factor?
A:  For the first year or year and a half of Silas's life, he will be receiving factor as needed.  For Eli, the first year included soft tissue bleeds in his cheeks (both sets ;o)  ) and worrisome head bumps (none turned out to be a head bleed). 

Q:  Will he be getting a port? and when?
A:  A port is not always a necessity; it is a choice.  We chose to get a port for Eli because we wanted to preserve his veins, and have an easy access in case of an emergency and a vein would be hard to find (dehydration, etc.)  We will probably get a port for Silas since it has worked out so well for Eli, but we will be making that final decision later.  He would get a port when he needs to begin prophylaxis.

Q:  When will he start prophylaxis?
A:  He will begin "prophy" when he is 18 months old or when he gets his first joint bleed.  Whichever happens first.

Q:  Are we doing anything extra to prevent bruises and bleeds?
A:  Yes.  He will start wearing a comfy cap when he starts spending more time on the floor (for 4 obvious reasons ;o)  ).  We bought a sleepy wrap because it is stronger and softer on him than a Maya Wrap or Moby Wrap.  We were not planning on letting him use the jumperoo, but some of my online hemo mom friends told me that they did not have any problems with the jumperoo at all and in fact, it helped their boys' legs get stronger.  Another mom suggested a product called Hugga-Bebe.  It is extra padding made for jumperoos and exersaucers.  It looks excellent, and Matt and I are looking into getting one and trying the jumperoo.  We will use knee pads and elbow pads to protect his joints, and pad his clothing.  By the way, an excellent company that makes padded clothing is Bruz Wear.  We have one pair of pants from them, and they're adorable!

I added a few more questions than Julie asked, but you may even have more.  Please ask anything in the comments section below.  We love to help people gain a better understanding of hemophilia.  Sometimes Blogger doesn't let people comment.  If that happens to you, let me know.  You can comment on facebook or email me at


  1. Sarah - does a child ever outgrow hemophilia or is it a life condition? Does it get better or worse as an adult?

  2. No, they don't grow out of it. Hemophilia is genetic, as much a part of them as their fingerprint or eyecolor. The severity level never changes, but bleeding patterns probably change through different stages of life. (IE: an adult probably won't get bleeds in his cheeks from making a fishy face!)

  3. Thank you, Sarah, for letting us know about how little Silas is doing. :o) Love ya.

  4. Oops, it's me, Lillie, in the previous post.

  5. Sarah,

    This is incredible! Congrats on beautiful Silas and we will be praying for you...and following your blog!

    Love to you,


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