Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Bubble Wrapped" Birth??? O_o

It is often said by hemophilia parents, "I want to just wrap him up in bubble wrap, you know?!"  It is a very big job to keep our little ones safe, especially when that little one has a severe bleeding disorder.  We make sure he wears his helmet and knee pads.  He is always in good supportive shoes.  We don't have coffee tables.  We put a little padding under his knees when he sits in his high chair.  Stairs and ladders are avoided.  You get the picture.  That loving protection begins when that little one is growing inside your belly.  When you are aware that your sweet baby has a 50% chance of having a severe bleeding disorder, your birth plan requires even more thought and consideration than usual.  I named my blog, "Bubble Wrapped Birth" because just like everything else in the life of a hemophiliac, your birth plan needs to be what you believe keeps your baby the safest.  The main concern with birthing a hemophiliac is intercranial hemorrage (bleeding in the brain).  Bubble wrapped births comes in many different forms: quiet midwife attended homebirths,  closely monitored hospital births, water births,  c-sections, and more.  I believe this is a very personal choice for each hemophilia carrier and their families.  The key is to make your decision based on truth, and never on fear.  So, what is your bubble wrapped birth?  and why?  What is your story?  I would love to hear your thoughts no matter what is your background.  I will share my birth stories with you, and my bubble wrapped birth choice in my next post.

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