Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Second Birth - Ana

A couple months after Isaiah's first birthday, we were expecting again. We were so exited! At this time we were living with my parents. I was SO emotional during this pregnancy, a little scary at times actually. Yikes! My midwife just laughed at me. She said that it was so obvious that I was having a girl. My pregnancy with Ana was just very emotional! The day before her birth, my midwife noticed that my body looked so peaceful. I did feel really peaceful too. Later that night, I started getting real contractions. My sister in law came over to help with Isaiah, and my sister came too. When my contractions were getting on top of each other at about 11:00pm, they made the executive decision to call the midwife! She got there soon after that. I remember moaning softly through contractions, being so relaxed sitting in a yoga position, eating strawberries and yogurt when she came up the stairs. When the pool was ready, I got in. By then, my cousin was there too, and of course my mom was there! I asked my midwife if she needed to check me, and she said, I don't need to, but if you want me to, I can. I said I did, so she did. I said, "Well, what am I?" She said, "Sarah, you already know what you are. You tell me." I said, " I don't know, 8?" She said, "Yes! I told you you knew!" I asked her if she would tell me when I should push, and she said, "No. You will tell us when it's time for you to push!" I said, "Ok!" A short while after that, my body began to push. I asked Tammy (s-i-l) to wake Isaiah up (that's what he wanted). He got up out of bed, took off his pajamas, and diaper, and wanted to get in the pool. I asked my midwife if that was ok, and she said, "Sure!" So, Isaiah got in with us (Matt was in the pool). A couple minutes later, I felt Ana's head crowning. I kept my hand there, and told everyone when her head came out. Then, at 1:30am on Feb 26, 2006, that baby girl came right out into my hands!!! I caught her and brought her up. She looked so little! It was amazing and so precious! My Grandma and Dad came up to see her before the placenta was even born. Then, I started nursing her. Well, Isaiah came right over and I tandem nursed them right in the pool! The placenta was born, we got out, weighed her (7lbs 4oz), had our herb bath, and it was time for bed. That night she started crying in bed. I tried nursing her, and she wouldn't nurse. I got up, and took her to the other room, and she wouldn't nurse. I changed her diaper. Nothing would stop her crying and screaming! Then, I held her in front of me, and just listened to her. I agreed with her, responded to her, and do you know that little girl's cries softened into coos! She then nursed and went to sleep. She had a big day and needed to be heard! That was definitely the beginning of Ana Isabella Reeves!

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