Monday, September 12, 2011

The First Year with a Little Bruiser

Well, we are 3 days away from hitting 38 weeks with Silas.  I have had a couple episodes of stronger braxton hicks contractions, but it looks like he will not be coming earlier than our other little ones did.  My history has been: 40 weeks 5 days, 40 weeks 3 days, 41 weeks, and 39 weeks 5 days.  As we get closer and closer to the big day, I am so excited to get him in my arms!!!  Sometimes, I also think about going through another first year with a baby who has a severe bleeding disorder.  

It was really scary and stressful with Eli.  We didn't understand much about hemophilia, and rushed him off to the HTC/ER any time he hurt himself to any degree.  We were so scared of missing a bleed.  I am glad we were so proactive, though.  It would've been awful if we had missed a bleed.  If Silas has hemophilia, I don't think it will be as bad as it was with Eli, but it will still be hard.  Things got so much easier when Eli got his port placed, and we were trained to care for him at home.  Silas (if affected) will have to get many pokes for bloodwork and emergency factor treatments, and that is so traumatic for a little guy.  We won't be able to treat him at home at first since we are not trained to access veins, especially tiny baby veins.  I am not looking forward to this part of the deal at all.  Oh, we'll make it.  Everything will work out.  I'm just being real about this because I know many of you can relate.

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