Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Have a Dream. . .

Well, it is very late, and I should be dreaming in my sleep.  Instead, here I write on this blog that holds so much of my heart.  We are officially 38 weeks now that it has hit midnight.  Birth is on my mind even more than usual.  Why do I do this?  Why did I even start Bubble Wrapped Birth?  Why bother?  I'll tell you why.  This is something I believe in with all my heart.  I learned about gently birthing my babies before I knew what the word hemophilia meant.  I want to get the attention of those who have a voice that can make a difference or be that voice myself.  There is a better way, a safer way to protect our little ones through the birth process.  I have a dream that someday our recommendations for delivery will include more than they do now.  Things like:  no pitocyn, avoiding epidurals, getting us up off of our backs, keeping the mom comfortable and making freedom of movement an essential priority, considering water birth, and no forceful pushing.  We can work with our bodies.  We do not need to fear birth.  God did create our bodies to do this.  We are strong.  Our babies are affected so much from birth.  Birth does matter!  Someday, my little girl may have the honor of motherhood, and she will need to choose what is the safest way to birth a possible hemophiliac.  I am doing this for me, for you, but mostly for her.  Goodnight, dear readers.  Sweet Dreams. . .


  1. This is a wonderful "read" Sarah....thanks for sharing what's on your heart. I really enjoy reading all the things you write, they are very interesting, and something that most people never really have to think about.
    Keep "posting"........ :)))

  2. Thank you so much, Mary! Your support means a lot.


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