Monday, September 19, 2011

The Last Few Days / Weeks Before the Big Day

Everything is ready except for a few more towels that we are getting from Matt's mom.  The pool is blown up and cleaned.  The liner is on and cleaned.  A sheet is laying over the pool to keep it clean.  All the birth supplies are gathered and organized.  Our midwife and doula have both been to our home making sure they know the route well.  We have Silas's clothes washed up and in his drawer, the blankets washed up, and we have diapers ready for him.  The HTC sent the blue capped tubes for collecting the cord blood to be tested, and things are set up with the local hospital.  The carseat should arrive today. . .  Lets's see, anything else?

We are as prepared as we can be.  Now, we just wait.  This last bit of pregnancy always seems to be the longest, and it is very hard to focus on anything except for baby and birth.  However, I can't just neglect everything else.  I have a husband and four other children!  We homeschool, there are dishes and laundry to be done, and messes to clean up. 

The unknown is always aggravating to a certain extent.  I was just talking to another mom about her birth, and it has me puzzled.  Her baby's cord was wrapped around his neck twice close to the placenta.  Everytime she stood up, his heartrate dropped.  Pushing him out was strangling him.  I will talk to my midwife about this, and find out what is the best thing to do in a scenario like this.  One of my weaknesses is trying to figure everything out.  I want to understand what happened, and why, and how to best deal with it if it happens to me or someone else. 

Meanwhile, it's time for breakfast and everyone needs to get dressed.  We need to have a great school day and lots of housework is needing to be done.  I love my job.  It is not easy, but being a mom and devoting all of my time to taking care of my family is the best job I could have.

Silas will be here very soon!!  I'll be 39 weeks in just 4 days! 


  1. You ROCK! :0)
    Question for you- are your other children going to be there for the birth?

  2. Haha! Thanks, Carri! Our children are welcome to be present for the birth if they want to be. Isaiah says he will be in the other room playing video games, Ana and Eli say they want to be in the pool with me! Hmm. . . that's not going to happen. Pool's too small! We will just take it moment by moment. If I need them to go in the other room, they will, but I think they will be right with us to welcome there little brother as he comes up out of the water. :o)

  3. Hey Girl....That story sounds a little familiar :D

    Looking forward to meeting Silas!



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