Monday, September 5, 2011

"Normal" by Amber Webb

I read this the other day, and was deeply moved.  This beautiful note was written by my cousin's wife.  They, like us, have a new normal.  I think you will be blessed by these words spoken straight from her heart. . .


It's funny how that word takes on new meanings as we walk through life. Normal.
I remember being pregnant and talking to Micah about what it was going to be like to have a little boy: all the things we would do; where we would send him to school; what his room would be like; who he would look like. I remember holding him in the hospital room when he was born and thinking, "This has to be the most beautiful baby ever born." The night the nurse told us Ben had Down Syndrome is also one that I'll never forget. The most heartbreaking moment for me was hearing Micah say, "That means I can't teach him to fly." His airplane themed nursery suddenly didn't seem to fit. It was almost as if we were mourning the loss of the child we planned for. Everything changed in that moment. This "normal" we had planned suddenly vanished.
The days and weeks after that have had their ups and downs. Some days I wonder where the balance is between acknowledging that Ben is different and ignoring it completely.
Here's what I've learned so far...
My son is different than yours. SO WHAT. My version of normal has changed. SO WHAT. I'm thankful for that pesky extra chromosome and I'm thankful the Designer decided to bless us with such wonderful little boy.
Micah is back overseas working hard and my time is consumed by a precious little boy with Designer genes.

God is still good and that's MY normal. What's yours?  

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  1. Many of life's most precious memories & lessons come from moments "outside of normal". This precious little boy with the Designer genes has already blessed so many. He is special just like every child because he was "fearfully & wonderfully made" by an awesome God!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.


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